The KomoriKare team focuses its efforts on extending the life of existing Komori presses. This includes Komori Sheetfed Offset presses, Komori Web Offset presses, and Komori Digital presses. The KomoriKare offerings center around our Performance Press Audit (PPA). The PPA is designed to help maximize machine productivity and reduce waste.   

Additional offerings of KomoriKare include:

  • Specialized repair and troubleshooting programs
  • Press training programs to operate Komori presses more efficiently and effectively
  • A consumable eco-system of products to run on Komori presses that have been tested and certified
  • Retrofitted press systems designed for Komori presses
  • Press relocation services (presses and ancillary equipment)

The KomoriKare team, in tandem with the Komori Service Department and Komori Parts Department, manages and coordinates large press repair projects and on-site press refurbishing projects. From lack of press maintenance to a crashed press, KomoriKare is your best partner for the repair or upgrade. Keep reading to learn more about how KomoriKare can improve your pressroom.

KomoriKare Efficiency

We understand that purchasing a new press is a huge commitment—and you expect that press to perform at its peak throughout its lifetime. That's where the dedicated KomoriKare team comes into play. Our wide range of press services and press upgrades can ensure that your press continues to deliver the quality and efficiency you require to maintain your competitive advantage.

Key to our KomoriKare efficiency offering is our Press Performance Audit or PPA. Our PPA team will do a complete inspection of your press from feeder to delivery to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. After the evaluation, you’ll receive a detailed report with recommendations for maintenance and upgrades to enhance the performance of your press. The PPA—improving your efficiency for maximum productivity.

The KomoriKare team works in tandem with the Komori’s service, training, and parts organizations to manage and coordinate large press repair projects and onsite press refurbishment. Whatever your problem, your best solution is to partner with Komori’s team of experts.

Komori Service

Maximizing your uptime is the goal of our service team and with 24/7 availability, we’re here to help you troubleshoot your problem. In many cases, we can solve your problem over the phone, but if a service call is needed, your appointment will be scheduled quickly and efficiently. Contact us now.

KomoriKare offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of annual service contracts and extended warranties. These include:

  • Phone support
  • Discounted labor and parts
  • Annual oil and filter changes
  • Main motor brush inspections
  • Register and transfer system inspections  
  • Press Performance Audit (PPA) and Perfector Audit (KPA) inspections
  • One Day Used Press Inspections (neutral third party) 
  • Wedge Test and Ink Key Zero Set Service Package
  • Ink roller replacement and roller setting program – Swap out roller program for LS and GL presses

Our factory-trained service technicians are among the most tenured in the industry and are always standing by. 

Komori Training

At Komori, we know one thing—our product is only as good as the people who operate it. As press technology continues to evolve, it is critical to the success of any company that they stay ahead of the technology curve. To help you achieve this goal, Komori provides comprehensive training programs that cover all aspects of the press.

KomoriKare provides press operator training, on-site maintenance training, and G7 Certifications that will have you up and running at full capacity in no time. After you purchase a new Komori press, training classes are conducted in our Rolling Meadows, IL Graphic Technology Center and are free to Komori users for as long as they own the press. Our hands-on curriculum covers a wide range of topics from operator training to operational efficiencies.

If you are unable to send your teams to our facility for training, specialized programs can be developed for on-site training in your facility.


Need parts? Our 24/7 Parts Coordinators are available to help! With over 250,000 parts in stock, our Six Sigma certified National Parts Center is ready to serve. For consumables, Komori Supply (K-Supply) offers a variety of products from accessories and chemicals to ink and rollers.

We are conveniently located 10 miles from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, and all in-stock orders placed by 7PM are shipped the same day.

Upgrades, Retrofits, and Auxiliary Equipment

KomoriKare offers H-UV, Standard UV, and LED-UV Curing System Upgrades which are eco-friendly, economical, and innovative curing systems that can shorten total turn-around time, reduce stock space, improve quality, and reduce waste. We also offer a Total System Solution that includes press rollers and press upgrades to run UV products and safety interfaces.  

The DIGINIP Roller Setting Device Upgrade simplifies roller setting with inkless units and cuts roller setting time in half. It includes software to track and save roller settings and includes a digital file of all historical roller settings. This reduces the push back from press and maintenance crews setting rollers in a PM environment. 

Our Pre-Pac Upgrade is the ideal upgrade for retrofitting an existing Komori press with H-UV, UV, or LED-UV. The PDC-S Upgrade will convert existing PDC-S and PDC-SII scanning systems to the new Color+ or Techkon scanning system which includes the improved user interface, improved handheld scanner interface, and the ability to measure M0, M1, and M3 values.

The Harris & Bruno Anilox Rollers and Roller Upgrade kits offer LS29 anilox rollers, LS40 anilox rollers, GL40 anilox rollers, and GLX40 anilox rollers solutions. 

Other Upgrades include:

  • Lithoflash In-Line color control upgrade
  • PQAS upgrade (Komori’s inline camera inspection system and color control)
  • Delivery modification upgrades
  • Infeed upgrades
  • Bladesetter (CIP3) software upgrade
  • Windows 10 PC software upgrade

On top of this, KomoriKare offers a variety of Retrofitted Solutions:

  • Pierry IR Dryer retrofit
  • Ink Moisture Fan retrofit
  • PQA, PDF, and Non-Stop Delivery retrofits for GL40 and GLX40 presses
  • Double Pump and Release Cam retrofit for the improved running of heavy stock
  • Smoother Bar retrofits  

As well as Graphic Arts equipment:

  • ITOTEC Guilitone Cutting Systems and Robocut Paper Unloaders 
  • Akimist Dry Humidification Systems custom-designed for plant, press area, or portal units
  • Ink Management Systems that automatically and efficiently feeds ink into fountains
  • Plastic Pallets with Slotted and Smooth Top   
  • Joggers Floor model with air squeeze
  • MABEG Roll and Sheeter Feeders 
  • Pile Hoists and Turners

Contact our Service or Parts Department today to learn more about how you can be making the most of your Komori press through KomoriKare.