Komori’s New System G38 Double-sided Offset Printing Press Nearly Doubles the Productivity of a Traditional Sheetfed Perfecting Press

Komori’s New System G38 Double-sided Offset Printing Press Nearly Doubles the Productivity of a Traditional Sheetfed Perfecting Press

Rolling Meadows, IL - June 26, 2023 -

Komori today announced the availability of its latest web offset press, the System G38, as a high-productivity solution for the magazine, catalog, publication and book markets in North America. The System G38 boasts an impressive speed of 30,000 sheets per hour and features Komori’s proprietary H-UV curing system. The press also includes an inline combination folder, so the product comes out folded and ready for stitching or binding, removing the traditional offline folder step in the bindery seen in traditional sheetfed production processes. Updated automation reduces makeready and non-productive time, allowing the G38 to tackle relatively short runs. With its high speed, fast makeready and integrated folding, the G38 can out-produce traditional sheetfed production of signatures nearly 3:1.

In addition to its inherently high productivity and ability to reduce the workloads of operators, the System G38 is designed with ecological responsibility in mind. The press is shorter than conventional presses, produces far less waste than conventional presses and consumes less power, cutting C02 emissions by 75% and allowing for an ozone-less curing process.

For processes centered around signature production, the System G38 answers the demand for next-generation market needs. Among the features offered by the G38 is an impressively short makeready enabled by Komori’s AI-Link integrated control system and a fully automated plate changer that reduces job changeover to approximately five minutes. Offering a smart sequence job reservation function, the G38 transitions seamlessly from the end of one job to the beginning of the next, again reducing the workload of operators, while realizing high print quality at the same time.

“The Komori System G38 is worth serious consideration in environments using signature-based forms. Book, magazine, catalog and publication printers will experience heightened productivity since the product is folded coming off the press, requiring no other finishing before going to the stitcher or binder,” said Mark Milbourn, executive vice president, sales and service, Komori America. “Komori is excited to highlight the advanced capabilities of our newest press, from its waste-reduction capabilities to its unparalleled speed of 30,000 sheets per hour.”

The System G38 is configured with Komori’s inline H-UV curing system, which makes high-speed instant curing on both the front and back sides possible, allowing for immediate post-press processing without the worry of blocking. Additionally, the tight coordination of Komori’s KHS-AI system for handling overall control of the printing process and the H-UV curing system contribute to the increased efficiency, high productivity and short turnaround the System G38 delivers.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Komori’s System G38 press here.

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