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Lithrone GX40P advance Perfector

THE LITHRONE GX40P advance—Komori's Most Cutting Edge Press

The Lithrone GX40 advance, Komori's most cutting-edge machine, handles both double-sided one-pass and straight multicolor printing. Now introducing the Lithrone GX40P advance, with a perfecting mechanism to guarantee high productivity and profitability.

The Lithrone GX40P advance's perfecting mechanism utilizes Komori's unique three double-size cylinder arrangement. The impression cylinder, transfer cylinder and perfecting cylinder are each double-size to avoid stress on the paper. Simplified and highly rigid, use of the new perfecting mechanism ensures high-speed, stable two-sided printing at speeds of 18,000 sph, displaying excellent heavy stock compatibility with both single- and double-sided printing.

With a full list of highly productive options, the G40X advance can increase quality and productivity even further:

  • Parallel Makeready-to drastically shorten makeready times
  • Autopilot- for non-stop automation from test printing to production printing
  • A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer)
  • PDC-SX (Spectral Print Density Control - SX model)
  • PQA-S (inline Print Quality Assessment System)


Number of colors 8 units
Maximum print speed  18,000sph
Maximum sheet size 29-17/32" x 41-11/32"
Minimum sheet size 16-9/64" x 22-53/64"
Sheet thickness range  .002"-.024"