Printed Electronics

Developing manufacturing solutions for PE

Developing elemental technologies for electronic parts/semiconductor domain



Contributing to improving productivity of eco-friendly manufacturing and to sustainability of social life with “Print Technology” and “Automation and FA Technology"


KOMORI, together with its subsidiary SERIA, introduces a comprehensive solution embodying "Creativity, Quality, Technology" for PE manufacturing. 

Our offerings include state-of-the-art PE equipment, materials, and stencils, complemented by tailored solutions such as original and custom-made products, meticulous process planning, and robust technical support. 

Experience the assurance of top-tier brand trust and uncompromising quality with Komori, where we deliver not just products, but an ethos of excellence – we call it KANDO.

Komori's PE business is dedicated to harnessing the power of "Print Technology" and "Automation and FA Technology" to elevate productivity in environmentally conscious manufacturing, thus contributing to the sustainability of our society.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the development of sophisticated technologies. We've leveraged gravure offset printing technology to provide solutions for manufacturing semiconductor packages and electronic components. Notably, our filling printing technology for interposer filling in laminate semiconductor packages has been successfully commercialized. Additionally, our roll-to-roll electronic component-manufacturing technology enables the high-productivity production of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), crucial components in EVs.

Building upon these print technologies, we've established the Printed Electronics Elemental Technology Development Center (PEDEC) at our Tsukuba Plant. Through collaborative efforts with customers and partner companies, we're driving forward the development of new applications via open innovation.

In our PE business, we're intensifying our focus on elemental technology development, striving to pioneer printing and coating manufacturing methods for PE products using environmentally friendly print technology. Moreover, we're actively expanding our PE manufacturing solutions to address pressing environmental issues and societal challenges.


KOMORI PE Technology Platform:

Electronic component-manufacturing technology

  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing of MLCCs

  • Gapless alignment technology


Filling printing technology

  • Semiconductor package manufacturing

  • Interposer filling


Fine wiring technology

  • Semiconductor package manufacturing

  • High precision/fine wiring bump formation