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Lithrone GX40RP & GX44RP advance


The award winning GLX40RP & GLX44RP press platform, now with Komori's advance feature package, is a truly unique dedicated two-sided press design with many advantages. As a dedicated two-sided press, the RP advance uses a straight through sheet path that does not flip the sheet to perfect.  This makes the sheet transfers much more stable and easily achieves higher production speeds for light and heavy stocks, up to 18,000 sph! Since the sheet is always transferred from a lead gripper edge, there is no need for sheet tail margins, significantly reducing paper costs. The press comes with Komori's impressive high-level of automation such as KHS-AI, an advanced self learning color control system, and connected peripherals to enhance the overall process.



Number of colors 2-12
Maximum  print speed (40RP / 44RP) 18,000 sph / 15,000 sph
Maximum sheet size (40RP / 44RP) 29.5" x 41.3" / 33.1" x 45.3" 
Minimum sheet size (40RP / 44RP) 14.2" x 20.5" / 18.1" x 24.4" 
Thin sheet application range 0.0016" - 0.020"
Thick sheet application range  0.008" - 32pt
Feeder Pile Height 1,850 (72.8")
Delivery Pile Height (40RP / 44RP) 1,450 (55.1") / 1,250 (49.2)